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Repairing and installing doors, windows, locks and weather stripping since 1989

Doctor Door and Window – Lic #637016

“I’ll doctor your doors and remove your panes!℠”
“Grief Relief℠ for the home!”

Do Your Doors and Windows Need a Doctor?

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Proudly serving Los Angeles since 1989

Steven Byroads

Steven Byroads


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I could not be more impressed with the good Doctor. We had an odd-sized smashed window, a gaping hole where a doorknob used to live, and an office door lock that was functional but painted over. Steve replaced the window (including matching the previous tinting), did a double-switch on the doorknob, replaced its lock with an authentic antique, and instead of charging me more, advised me to try and “unstick” the office door myself. He even threw in a key for free!

If you live in Hollywood, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, etc., and you care about quality work – don’t even think about using anyone else.

Jason C.